– Connecting Cast and Crew with Indie Filmmakers

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort. It’s why we refer to many great successes as holding a certain amount of “chemistry”. The right elements came together and produced a beautiful work of art.

In Horror and Cult Cinema, this is never more prevalent than in the relationship between Filmmaker and Scream Queen. So many of our favorite early horror franchises just wouldn’t have had that… “Chemistry” without Jamie Lee Curtis, Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer and so many more.

Enter ex-CouchCutter editor, David Anthony, who left the site last year. Along with a team of talented developers, he has launched An Online Professional Networking Platform built exclusively for Independent Filmmakers, Cast, and Crew.

David told us this was news because it was the best thing since sliced bread for independent cult and horror filmmakers, so we decided to ask him “Why?”

First of all, what is the purpose of WorkingIndie?

We want to connect the Independent Filmmaking Community. Whether you live in L.A., the Midwest, the South, or Macau, your ability to find likeminded talent should be easy and complication-free in the 21st Century.

What do you mean by “Like minded” talent?

I can’t tell you how many Sci Fi conventions I’ve gone too, met some celebrity that I adored and discovered they weren’t really into Sci Fi. Like… at all.

When you are in mainstream work like that, you can pull that off. Your heart doesn’t need to be in it if you’re being paid upwards of $20,000 per episode, or upward of a million for a movie role.

But when you are an independent actress, struggling to make it, sometimes doing jobs for peanut butter sandwiches? If your heart isn’t in it, and you don’t “gel” with the people you’re working with, it’s going to show.

How do you think this is particularly beneficial to horror and cult filmmakers?

Almost by its definition, horror (and to a lesser extent, we’ve assigned this to cult cinema as well), is a genre that is basically engineered to upset some segment of the majority. Right?

So while one director does Slasher movies, some actress might not want to work on that kind of film because she feels that it degrades women. However, that same actress may have no issue with being cast the empowering role of lead baddy in a torture porn with massive amounts of gore and carnage inflicted slowly on male victims.

That’s probably a crappy example, but my point is that with so many sub-genres of horror and cult, tastes / preferences can be very specific and very strong. As with most great art!

But since we have to collaborate to make a film, it is currently tough to get the right “mixture” together. Assembling the right team to make a truly challenging film with a cast and crew that not only can perform, but *Love* (much less simply tolerate) the art they are trying to make…

On the Independent level, this was a tough hill to climb before WorkingIndie.

What separates WorkingIndie from other similar sites?

I don’t think there are any sites like WorkingIndie right now. We are completely committed to the Independent Film Community, built from the ground up by some of the best designers and developers in the world, and we work super hard to listen to and gather input from our users to ensure that we are providing them with all the tools that they need.

I really don’t know of any other ventures out there that even claim to make an attempt at what we are doing.

Was WorkingIndie developed only to connect Filmmakers with Actors and Actresses or other crew as well?

WorkingIndie is here to connect *everyone* you need to make a great Independent Film. Cinematographers, Screenwriters, Actresses, Set Designers, everything. It’s all free and if you think we are missing something after you sign up, just let us know.

“I AM MONSTER” (2014)

I am Monster Shannon Lark

“I AM MONSTER” is the anticipated short from the twisted but capable hands of Shannon Lark and Lorie Bowen. Being that this is a short, I’m restricted as to how much I should give away while still leaving you with an opportunity to enjoy the twists and turns in this film when you have an opportunity to watch it, so let me go over the things you really need to know.

This is high quality sexy-gorey-horror. Everything is finely polished and expertly assembled. I don’t mean that in the patronizing, “long live indie film!” kind of way. The cinematography and lighting are flawlessly professional along with every other element of the flick, leaving you free to fully immerse yourself into the twisted nightmares of Lark and Bowen.

The story is superb and unique as well, so much so that I don’t want to give any more away than the synopsis:

“Vivienne’s extraordinary fetishism has taken her to a new level: necrophilia.
She gets her kicks by violating the dead in a hospital morgue on the outskirts of Los Angeles, discarding them like trash. Tonight, however, Vivienne gets a whole new taste of what the dead can provide when she meets Jason, a fresh body who has some ideas of his own.”

Sounds fun, right!?

I literally had to watch the film three times just to take it all in. It’s as vibrant as it is dark, as sexy as it is brutal, and as brilliant as it is punishing. Lori Bowen and Shannon Lark are dangerous women in the world of horror, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

You *need* to catch this a screening of this one, so you too can hate yourself for becoming aroused. Get the digs on screening dates by checking out the Film’s Official Facebook page!

I AM MONSTER Official Facebook Page

Movies That You Wanted To Rent, But Didn’t: Screamers (1979)

Time again for a journey into the  renting regret abyss, where you the reader can help me determine if I did in fact make a mistake by not snatching up a particular VHS box at the local video store.  I was always a sucker for an “eye-catching” cover and I made more than my fair share of bad rental decisions based off of that alone.  But some movies I just couldn’t find it in me to rent, no matter how awesome the art staring me in the face off of the cardboard box was.  Case in point, 1979′s Screamers:

Can’t tell you how many times I picked this one up, looked at it, then put it back down.  The tagline was very enticing to say the least.  They’re men turned inside out!  And worse…they’re still alive!’ They sure did make it sound like it would be an amazing take on the whole zombie genre.  Men turned inside out so they looked like the guy on the cover AND they were still alive?!  I pictured an army of these things coming at me, reminding me later of a bunch of Franks from Hellraiser, dripping blood all over while they tried to feast upon my flesh.  But for some reason, I never rented Screamers.  Then I did a little research for this article and realized that this seemed to be another classic case of bait and switch.  Because instead of the awesome turned inside out zombie type guys, we apparently got these fishmen instead:

Well at least the woman is somewhat hot.  Roger Corman looks like he did a better job as far as fishmen go with Humanoids Of The Deep though.  So what gives?  Why promote the cool looking turned inside out guy on the front cover?  Could it be they were just trying to cover up the fact that this was a shitty movie?  The hell you say.  That’s where I need your help because you haven’t steered me wrong yet.  Do I seek out Screamers (no, not the 1995 Peter Weller one) and watch it? Will I be rewarded at some point with the groovy turned inside out guy?  Let me know.  Because honestly, I just don’t know if I can handle a movie full of these embarrassing fishmen.

The Battle: Vestron Video VS. New World Pictures

Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant.  The Titanic vs. That Iceberg.  The Whopper vs. The Big Mac.  There have been many monumental showdowns throughout history, but possibly none more monumental than the one between Vestron Video and New World Pictures.  I really built that up for something that you may not even give a shit about.  Anyway – one my my fondest memories ever during my youth was renting a VHS movie and actually having the distributor title alone pique my interest as it popped up before the movie.  It even proved to be the case for the coming attractions too, and on more than one occasion, I actually knew if I was going to fast forward through them or not based on what logo would present itself.  Besides the legendary Cannon Group, the two other distribution logos that got me excited (apparently it didn’t take much to do this) were indeed, Vestron Video and New World Pictures.


The point of this post:  Which side of the fence do you stand on?  Are you a Vestron Video kind of guy or girl, or do you ride with New World Pictures all day and every day?  Proof is in the product of course since the logos pretty much cancel each other out, so let’s throw Vestron Video under the movie microscope first.

Six words for you:  Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell.  Wow – that’s the best they’ve got? Oh – sorry….I was reading my list in reverse.  How about An American Werewolf In London?  Now we’re cooking!  I remember this movie as being one of the first that I saw don the Vestron logo when I popped the VHS tape in my VCR.  Not impressed?  Here’s a ‘in no particular order’ list of other mentionables to help impress you:  The Monster Squad, Dolls, Rawhead Rex, Slaughter High, Blood Diner, Dolls, From Beyond, Ghoulies, Parents, Hollywood Hot Tubs, and Dirty Dancing.  Wait – one of these things is not like the other.  Dirty Dancing?  Well, it is probably Vestron Video’s most successful title, so we’ll keep it in the list and Patrick Swayze sure was dreamy and that girl was too, even before the nose job.

Alright.  Not bad Vestron Video.  Now let’s see if New World Pictures wants to whip theirs out on the table and see if they can measure up.  The movie that I watched over and over that always pops into my mind when I think of the New World Pictures logo is Hellraiser.  Yes, before you were rewarded with that homeless guy eating a bunch of crickets in the pet store, you got to see that snazzy red logo pop up on the screen to let you know you were watching quality cinema from New World Pictures. But if you thought Hellraiser was the best they had, think again.  Time to roll out their ‘in no particular order’ list:  Death Race 2000, Eaten Alive!, Piranha, The Brood, Humanoids From The Deep, Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, The Slumber Party Massacre, Fraternity Vacation, Reform School Girls, Soul Man, and House.  Well, with a racist but light hearted movie like Soul Man in their roster, how is Vestron Video going to be able to deliver that knock-out punch to New World Pictures???

Simple…they won’t be able to.  And do you know why?  Because New World Pictures is home to The Stuff!  And nobody can fuck with The Stuff!  Because The Stuff is indestructible and it will eat you from the inside out.  And Vestron Video has nothing to combat that with.  Nope – not even Earth Girls Are Easy can take out something as delicious and destructive as The Stuff!  And so ends our battle for the ages between Vestron Video and New World Pictures.  You put up a valiant effort Vestron, but in the end, you had nothing to destroy a light, fluffy, tasty, man-eating dessert with. Isn’t that right, lady with The Stuff all over her face?