A Tender Look at “VIOLENT SH*T”

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Let me help you with that

I’ve been stoked to get on this one because it’s been floating around in the back of my head for quite some time. Of course not the movie, just how I’ll tackle this disaster of a film with all the joys entitled to a kidney stone. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not going to trash on this lovely little ditty too much, I’m going to give it it’s proper place as one of only TWO micro-budget flicks like this ever to be mentioned at CouchCutter.com.

Let’s just start with the title, because it truly says it all. Violent… Shit… Starring Karl the Butcher Shitter. Yes, that’s right kiddies, Karl aka the Butcher aka The Butcher Shitter. And this is a very appropriate title for our lovely little friend Karl. Maybe we should describe, in a little detail (there’s really not much detail in this film) the Shitter Karl. Let’s see, he’s deranged, he’s mentally deficient, he’s got some sort of gravy like crust on his face (I’m guessing they’re going for wounds or sores or something here) and he’s got a massive penchant for slowly coming after people to brutally kill them. What more could you ask for? Are there real guts in this? Yes. Does our friend shitter Karl eat people? Most definitely. Can we expect nothing more from Karl than killing and violence?…. You bet your shitty ass!

Plot…. Plot…. Umm…. There is none? Killing and oatmeal sores on a weird guys face perhaps. Long trips in a car. The most painful acting you’ve ever seen. Let me reiterate that, this is an exercise in anti acting. Like if you were to grab some random street trash junkies out of the gutter, gave them some beer, told them to act as horribly as they could and then let them have at it, that would still be more believable than this. BUT, let’s be very clear here, we are at Couchcutter.com where this kind of cinema lives! We strive for excellence in poor quality and sickness. And this film has it all in heaping piles with the sickness and poor quality. In fact, I do believe Andreas Schnaas made this pile of Karl the Butcher Shitter for no other reason than to spray crappy fake blood (it has to be the worst fake blood I’ve ever seen) around and attempt prosthetic FX, which he does in droves. Oh Andreas Schnaas, what will we do with you…..

These movies (and there are apparently four of them) are an exercise in bad taste in every sense of bad taste. I think that’s why I have a soft spot for this flick, because it’s simply so bad that you can’t turn it off and you have to watch it to the end. Once it’s ended, you sit back and think “Thank god that’s done and I can mark that off the list”. Well, maybe not, because I did laugh my ass off for most of the film. And I do use the word film loosely… This is the sort of fare you get into with that one buddy of yours who lives off the worst of the worst. Actually, if you hang out here, you’re probably that friend, but let’s not split hairs ok?

I’m going to boil this whole shitty butcher soup down for all you fans of the sickness and filth, cuz I know you’re just dying to know if it’s worth it. The concept is sick, the camera work is awful, the acting is umm.. NOT acting, the blood looks like some sort of paint and the prosthetics are comical at their finest. But don’t kid yourself, when you pick up a film titled “Violent Shit”, you’re going to get what you get. So grab a bottle of everclear, smoke some crack, take some shots and have a good ol’ time with Karl the Butcher Shitter!

Nasty Nate
Crazy ex-Mormon, lover of filth, scumbag extraordinaire. Only the sickest in cinema will do.
  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.ricci.562 Robert Ricci

    Ohhhh man, I LOVE Violent Shit! So far, the best is Violent Shit 3. “That’s IT! Release…. THE ZOMBIE NINJAS!” I think that says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Bryan

    to me it seems like Violent Shit is one of those films they shot to play in the background of an actual movie. like the movie in Necromantic.