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Our good buddies at broke the news earlier today, so you can either get the rundown there or read on for the press release: is thrilled to announce our next original series: FLESH – TALES OF SEXUAL HORROR. This extreme horror anthology will feature original shorts by Trent Haaga (“Deadgirl”), Ryan Nicholson (“Gutterballs”, “Hanger”), James Anthony Bickert (“Dear God No!”), Drew Bolduc (“The Taint”), Logan Myers (“Mondo Sexxxx: The Terry Kobrah Story”), and more. The series kicks off on Valentine’s Day 2013 and is currently scheduled to run for 8 weeks.

“This is what we’re all about.” says site owner and show creator, David Anthony, “We’re an independent organization with no corporate backers, hiring the most demented independent filmmakers we can find to produce something that corporate mainstream genre cinema and television cannot show you. The directors and producers we currently have lined up are bad motherfuckers. They don’t know how to throttle back. If you don’t want to be psychologically scarred and violated, just sit this one out. Fans of any of these guys know that I’m not bullshitting.”

“Pre-screener” tickets are currently available here. These tickets afford the owner a link to watch episodes before they are available to the rest of the public during special V.I.P. one-night only online screenings in early 2013. Each ticket-holder will also be automatically entered to win an amazing one-of-a-kind limited edition VHS of the series signed and designed by some of the filmmakers along with an amazing mystery bag with all kind of “FLESH” related goodies.

Proceeds from the ticket sales go to the filmmakers as they are working on extremely small budgets.

“These guys fucking love the genre. The budget we’re giving them is pathetic. And not because we’re greedy! We’re fucking broke, I promise you. But these motherfuckers are real filmmakers. They are breaking their backs to produce quality extreme horror entertainment for the fans, period. It *costs* them money at the end of the day. We’re not using the money from pre-screener tickets for anything other than paying for the production of the series, so if this kind of perverse shit does it for you, we are providing a very tangible and affordable way to show your support.”

Three of the eight filmmakers have yet to be announced. Those announcements are expected soon.

“We’re working on the perfect way to round out this amazing roster. If we get our way, extreme horror fans will be happy with our final three.”

Pre-Screener tickets are currently available by clicking here.

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