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When he's not busy plowing Japanese girls, Moe is the host of the "Drunk on VHS" Podcast.

Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “Shame”

January 23, 2013

We’ve all felt it, shame. Some of us are just better at handling it. On this week’s show we delve into the shame lists of Above the Line podcast cohost Ashley Montgomery and even get a few surprises from all around movie guy, The Wicker Bill. Hell even I have a couple to throw in! [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “Jihad All Over My Face”

January 9, 2013

How easily offended are you? Well my guests and I discuss this very subject on this week’s show. I invited on the two hardest to offend people I know on and we talk about the odd little things that our hardened hearts still can’t help but take offense to. Trust me it’s an incredibly short [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “Things Get Troma”

November 28, 2012

In what started as an attempt to discuss the past, present, and future of Troma; Moe, Jon Cross from After Movie Diner, and Eric Martin from Guts and Grog turn it around and talk about the world of independent film and just how necessary it is. We gush over our favorites and groan over the [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “Drunk, Sloppy, Sexy Violence”

November 7, 2012

After a long month of bringing you episode after episode about horror films and halloween themed nightmares it’s time to take a relaxing trip down one of my favorite things about film…the sex and violence! This week I’m joined by none other than Nasty Nate, the resident extreme film expert here at Couch Cutter. Nate’s [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “The Taint”

October 31, 2012

This week while Moe deals with Hurricane Sandy he managed to get in a few words with Writer/Director/Star of The Taint, Drew Bolduc. We discuss the film, Dicks, and Tim & Eric. Check out The Taint, which is available on VHS at taintmovie.com and as always follow Moe on Twitter @DrunkonVHS like on facebook at [...]

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In Defense of “So Bad it’s Good”

October 25, 2012
Conversely, Robert Z'Dar *is* actually a good actor.

I recently read an Article on Wired.com entitled “Miami Connection Destroys the Myth of ‘So Bad They’re Good’ Movies” I take umbrage with this idea. So I read the article, rather enjoyed the article as well, but the biggest issue I had was the negative attitude towards to the term “so bad it’s good”. I [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “Chicks, Man”

October 24, 2012

This week Moe brings on some lovely ladies to talk horror and help to fight Moe’s crippling fear of talking to women. Up first we have Heather Seebach of www.Viewerdiscressionadvised.net, we discuss; Writing, Deadly Prey, Heather’s Favorite horror films, Dead Alive making people vomit, Poop, Drag me To Hell and the other works of Sam [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “Bob Told Me To”

October 3, 2012

In this extra spooky episode I invite on John Keefer, a writer and Director over at 51deep.com Their film shorts run from the odd to the hilarious and should definitely be checked out. This week Moe has John on to discuss horror, 51deep, his history with filmmaking and a million other things in this tangent [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “0 out of 5″

September 25, 2012

Ever watched a movie so bad you wished there was a score worse than a 1, well this episode is dedicated to those extra special mountains of misery…The 0 out of 5′s. This week Drunk on VHS welcomes on that master of the miserable and genius with a one line review, Slick Nick of Pop [...]

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Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “ChuckYear 2012 (Part 1)”

September 19, 2012

Well Folks, He’s back! Long time listeners will remember him as the former cohost of Drunk on VHS. He left to go run his own review site Comeuppancereviews.com with his brother and he’s taken time out of his incredibly not busy schedule to record a series of episodes with Moi covering my year long project [...]

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