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Tromeric can be found sitting in a dark room watching Homeward Bound followed by A Serbian Film. He found a secret potion called the grog. It is similar to The Gummi Bears Gummibear Juice but instead of making him bounce from here to everywhere it gives him the ability to endure movies such as Blood Freak and The Room on a regular basis. When he drinks the grog he also has the ability to have more references that you don’t understand than Wikipedia. In the off chance he is taking a break from the grog you can find him drinking coffee from a cup with half of the Black Dahlia pictured on it eating Count Chocula and making lists about whether The Taint has a better soundtrack than Voyage of the Rock Aliens.


Survival, Or The Slowest Form Of Suicide: A Look Back At Dudes

January 21, 2013

Long before Jon Cryer was a part of the least funny sitcom that everyone loves, besides Raymond, which is the second least funny sitcom, but I digress…. He joined Daniel Roebuck who was fresh off his career forming role in “River’s Edge” and Flea who had just recently passed on a spot in Fear to [...]

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Six Unbelievable Moments, More Believable Than The Ending Of Saw

January 16, 2013

  *This whole article is  a spoiler Being a fan of horror films, a suspension of disbelief is a necessary evil. A good chunk of the time, you are dealing with the fantastical.  With that said, there are times where I just can’t look the other way.  I was just thinking how no one seems [...]

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5 Horror Movie Grandpas You Wish You Could Call Your Own

December 5, 2012

Grandpas!  Most people have, or have had them.  Depending on your family background he could be the most bad ass member of the family, or a creepy racist old fart, but most likely somewhere in between.  At dinner he will most likely make super inappropriate comments.  In the car, there is a good chance he [...]

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The Lost Art of Horror Movie Raps

September 13, 2012
Horror Rap

Okay. I want to get one thing straight, right off the bat. When I say horror and rap together, it has absolutely nothing to do with a bunch of  kids from the trailer park painting their faces and drinking Faygo. I mean Rev Run wasn’t out back in between recording the “Ghostbusters 2″ theme, smoking [...]

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5 Punxploitation Films That Will Have You Rolling in Broken Glass

August 29, 2012

Punxsploitation while being such a limited sub genre is full of so many films I fucking adore. I grew up on punk rock and horror films so when you mix those two elements I have all kinds of ‘gasms. Sure not every one is horror, but most at least are heavy on the elements. Narrowing [...]

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Monster Cereals And Cartoons: Not Just For Predators Anymore

August 14, 2012

  I have been watching horror films longer than I have been wiping my own ass. I became more obsessed than Annie Wilkes. I would catch random classics on television such as “Frankenstein” and “Godzilla” at a young age and would have my eyes glued to the screen.  When I was seven or so I [...]

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5 Sequels You Hate And Why You Are Wrong

July 9, 2012

I am not here to argue the validity of sequels. I am not even here to argue which ones are better. These are five films that I personally enjoy that the majority of the horror kingdom generally flings poo at. When I was thinking about which films to include in this two that instantly jumped [...]

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