Interviews – Connecting Cast and Crew with Indie Filmmakers

May 28, 2014

Filmmaking is a collaborative effort. It’s why we refer to many great successes as holding a certain amount of “chemistry”. The right elements came together and produced a beautiful work of art. In Horror and Cult Cinema, this is never more prevalent than in the relationship between Filmmaker and Scream Queen. So many of our [...]

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“My Hairline’s Not the Same” A Chat With the makers of “Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer”

June 25, 2012

Every now and then fans of a certian genre’ or subgenre’ can make a film that absolutely blows the films that were their very inspiration out of the water. “Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer” is a Troma inspired flick that blows many of the Troma flicks further out of the water than a sharks skull [...]

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Clones: ”(Shorts are) just like features, but without the boring bits”

October 12, 2011

Clones is a collective of Portuguese filmmakers that have put together some of the most outrageous shorts to hit the web. The gorey, father-revenge epic, “Papa Wrestling” and the appropriately named “Blarghaaahrgarg” have hit festivals all over the world… So we interviewed them. What is CLONES and how did you all come together and start [...]

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Drew Bolduc: ‘Either you want money or you want to make art.’

September 19, 2011

Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson are the wacky minds behind “The Taint”. Any filmmaker that incorporates penis explosions into their work deserves an interview. Where did you guys come from before you started assaulting people with enlarged penises? Drew: I was Film Major at VCU for a semester, then I changed to a Sculpture Major, [...]

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Frank Sabatella: ‘Trust yourself and don’t stop pushing forward.’

August 3, 2011

Frank Sabatella is the producer and director of the recently released slasher, “Blood Night” and one of the minds behind production company, Sideshow Pictures. He was kind enough to sit down for an interrogation. So BLOOD NIGHT is your feature-length directorial debut. What did you do before taking the helm of your first feature film? [...]

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Thomas Hodge: ‘A poster is a film’s voice’

May 20, 2011

Thomas Hodge is the entrepreneur of “The Dude Designs”. Responsible for the now infamous “Hobo With A Shotgun” and “Father’s Day” movie posters, Thomas is ushering along a sorely missed style in the artistic medium of one-sheets. How did “The Dude Designs” come about? Well, it depends if you mean the name or the site… [...]

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Tim Dax: ‘There is no pinnacle, we keep rising up.’

April 11, 2011
Tim Dax

Tim Dax is a unique performer to say the least. And I’m not simply referring to the most obvious: His hulking muscular build, the helmet tattooed to his head, the gauged out piercings… But more of his spiritual and positive nature. Symbolic of empowerment and free thinking, Tim is the lead of the upcoming Troma [...]

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Tinsel Teeth: Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

October 19, 2010

Tinsel Teeth is a band unlike any other that this writer is currently aware of. Armed with an aggressive, in-your-face live show that hearkens back to the days of GG Allin in many ways – only with a female in GG’s role – this indescribable quartet is  bringing it’s unique brand of entertainment all over [...]

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Don May, Jr.: The Man Behind Synapse Films

August 25, 2010
don may featured

Don May, Jr. is the pioneer that has made countless movies available to us that would otherwise be fading  cinematic memories. Synapse Films has been putting out old, hard-to-find films, as well as cutting edge independent films for nearly eighteen years. Don was cool enough to chat with us about his amazing company. How did [...]

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Chad Ferrin on Hollywood: “This town needs an enema.”

August 3, 2010

Chad Ferrin is the brilliant mind behind such films as “Someone’s Knocking at the Door”, “Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!”, and “The Ghouls”. We caught up with him for a quick chat as he prepares for his newest effort, “Dances with Werewolves” What can you tell us about your upcoming “Dances with Werewolves” project? It’s a [...]

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