Javier Chillon is a Visionary

by on November 7, 2012  •  In Articles

There is really no point on softening the message here: I watched Javier Chillon’s 10-minute masterpiece, “Decapoda Shock” today and the guy is brilliant. Here, get a whiff…

Ya see!?

I can’t really get into much about the short specifically, because I’m not smart enough to write a six paragraph review of a 10-minute short without some spoilers. So I will just tell you that the short is not to be missed. If this guy remains active in genre film (and if there is *any* justice in the world, then he will), you need to keep an eye on him.

The short pulls on late 60′s style camp and pace, but executes it in a kind of spastic digital style that revs everything up. It somehow comes together and creates a beautifully unique rhythm. Fans of the first Mr. Bungle album should be able to grasp this concept. Also, many CouchCutter readers will be ecstatic to hear that despite the story focusing on a lobster in a spacesuit, respectively, that there is absolutely zero *wink wink, nudge nudge* in this. Completely committed performances against some BEAUTIFUL locations as backdrops.

Here! Here’s another teaser!

So yeah, count me as a huge Javier Chillon fan. If you have the opportunity to catch “Decapoda Shock” while it’s on the festival circuit, do so. I know it is screening at the amazing Buried Alive Film Festival in Atlanta, but if you want more dates and info, you should go to javierchillon.com. Now!


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