Movies That You Wanted To Rent, But Didn’t: Black Roses (1988)

by on June 27, 2013  •  In Articles

As mentioned in a previous post, there are movies specifically from the 80′s (because that’s when the VHS rental craze was booming) that I just couldn’t pull the trigger on while browsing in my local Mom & Pop video store.  I talked about 1985′s Junior and also about the post-apocalyptic 1986 crowd-pleaser, Dead End Drive-In.  This time, I’m going with a movie that always captured my eye with it’s intricate cover art, and considering I was one step away at the time of growing my hair out to look like C.C. Deville from the glam rock group Poison and stocking up on Aqua Net, I’m surprised I never snatched this one up to slap in my rusty VCR.  Yep – I’m talking about 1988′s, Black Roses.

So somehow, I was able to watch Slaughterhouse Rock and Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare, but couldn’t use any of my precious time to view Black Roses, despite my fascination with the artwork.  Reading the back of the VHS cover now, I realize what I missed out on: BLOODSHED, RIOTS, MASS MURDERS…..and the fact that THE SPECIAL EFFECTS ARE FANTASTIC!  Wow – did I blow it or what?  Not only that, but upon further investigation, Julie Adams of Creature From The Black Lagoon fame and Big Pussy from The Sopranos are in this???  And 80′s rock icons Tesla are on the soundtrack???  Dear God….what have I done?

Luckily, in the age that we live in now, it’s rather easy to right my VHS renting hesitation wrongs, because we have something called Youtube and Netflix.  Do I dare enter into the apparent 80′s awesomeness that is Black Roses?  That’s where I need your help.  Give me some insight as to which direction I should go in, and I’ll be eternally grateful.  Until then, I think I’ll just go get my heavy metal horror fix and watch the lovely and busty Traci Lords in the terrible, Shock Em’ Dead.

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  • Dr. Havok

    Watch it! I rented it on VHS. IT.s,far from the best movie you’ll see this week, but you need closure.

  • esorale

    Gotta rent it. It’s like $2 on Amazon. I agree with Dr. Havok, you need closure!


    You’re right. Because I owned this movie on VHS.

  • Guest

    Awesome slab of 80′s horror. Makes a great double bill with Trick or Treat (not Trick R Treat) in the metal is evil vibe.

  • MoonshineAndMolly

    Almost positive when this first came out on VHS that the box had a raised 3-D front that when pressed on would make the eyes flash with little green lights.
    Or maybe it was a lobby card at the local video store?
    Hell if I know, I was 8. I never saw this movie and had forgotten it existed til now.
    Now to track it down & right the wrong.