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We all love a hot tattooed woman

Hey sick perverts, I’m back again with the second installment of PINKY VIOLENCE, and what better way to keep this series going then to review another JOY OF TORTURE film. What can I say, I’m a sucker for these flicks so I figure I’ll kick things off by reviewing my favorites! So, let’s continue on with Teruo Ishii’s second JOT film called “Inferno of Torture”.

I fucking love these films because it’s pretty much the beginning of  all things hardcore in the cinema sense. Of course, Hershel Gordon Lewis started the whole “gore” thing with Blood Feast, but where he started, the Japanese grabbed hold and ran! Don’t get me wrong, HGL films are some of my favorite films but Japan certainly took the exploitation genre to new heights with flicks like Joy of Torture. And this is precisely why I want to spread this subgenre around to you sick assholes. I have to admit that this film is the least hardcore of all the JOT flicks (and the third one is kind of a rip off of Teruo Ishii, but I’ll get into that when I review that film). It’s a different format than the other films as well, being an actual full length film instead of several stories mashed together like a sandwich of sickness….

Let’s start off with the basic premise because I know you all want to hear about this one. It’s tattoos!! Lots and lots of tattoos. It’s kind of funny that this “taboo” subject back in the 1960′s is nothing more than hipster paradise today. You kind of have to put yourself in the days of 19th century Japan, because that’s how this exploitation flick works. I wish there could have been a bit more actual torture, but to me they just used the tattoo/bondage thing as the major exploitation theme in this one. Lots of rope tying, lots of tattoos, lots of boobs and there you go. Basically, this movie revolves around a man who is one of the greatest tattoo artists of his time and he ends up falling for a girl. Girl gets taken away for the sex trade, tattoo artist tries to save her, revenge ensues and there you go. I really hate talking about story lines, as you know, so I’m not going to go any further into it.

This film is a classic “Pinky Violence” movie in every sense of the word. There’s sex, violence, taboo subjects and lots of tattooed women. I hate to say this, but this film is the least of the three Joy of Torture films I’ll be reviewing because it doesn’t have the real sickness the other two do. There simply isn’t enough hardcore torture to make it stand up to the other two. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this flick as an exploitation shocker from the 60′s but when you watch the last one I’ll be reviewing, it simply doesn’t hold a candle to that sickness. So if you want a nice film to watch one night and you feel like getting into some oldschool bondage and tattoos, then this film is totally for you. Enjoy!!

This trailer is NSFW

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