Podcast: Drunk on VHS – “Drunk, Sloppy, Sexy Violence”

by on November 7, 2012  •  In Podcast

Drunk on VHS - "Sexy Violence"

After a long month of bringing you episode after episode about horror films and halloween themed nightmares it’s time to take a relaxing trip down one of my favorite things about film…the sex and violence! This week I’m joined by none other than Nasty Nate, the resident extreme film expert here at Couch Cutter. Nate’s equally disturbed mistress of the night, Jody joins in as well. We discuss all of our favorite things about the most disturbing extreme cinema; including some discussion about our favorite disturbing and utterly disgusting films. Did I mention that we’re both COMPLETELY HAMMERED? No? Well we are and the conversation takes some very weird turns…I think you will truly enjoy it!

You sick fucks!

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