Stephen King Movies I’d Like to See… But Won’t Because Hollywood will Just Remake Carrie Again

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As this website’s own big boss man David pointed out in his recent article on remakes they NEED TO STOP!

And more to the point I specifically mean remakes of Carrie. Sure it was the book that made King a hit, and we all know the story about how he was going to give up writing because nothing sold and his wife dug the transcript out of the trash and shopped it for them and now they can buy and sell people like me all day (Which reminds me, I AM for sale Mr. King) but there’s no need to continue to see it on screen when the original was a good film that starred The Greatest American Hero and the Coalminer’s Daughter.

Carrie: 1976

Carrie: 2002  (while lame I do give SOME points for the casting of Angela Bettis of “May” fame as Carrie)

Carrie: 2013 (This time around the chick who played Hit Girl in “Kickass” is Carrie…in real life right now she’s 15. So I don’t want to hear anyone say she’s hotter than the other two (as some have online)


So here are a few suggestions on other Stephen King properties that could be given the old reboot rather than remaking Carrie again….

The Running Man: Wait nevermind, they did that…it’s called The Hunger Games

Quitters INC.:  Short story included in the movie Cat’s Eye which could be a great stand alone picture.

It: The miniseries, while good overall gets long and boring. A concise, streamlined 2 1/2 hour flick would be just the thing…but two requirements…Tim Curry returns, and Rodan’s appearance is included (Yes Rodan from the Godzilla mythos appears in the book)

THE DARK TOWER SERIES….ALL OF THEM!!!!: Fans have been crying out for the Dark Tower series to hit the screen since 1982! And through that time there have been a number of false starts including one with J.J. Abrams and another with Ron Howard. Pretty much all of the major studios have considered the project either as a series or as a film but they all eventually passed on it.

So no one will touch King’s best work. He considers it his opus. But they will grind out remakes of Dead Zone (two episodes of the series were a remake of the film), Maximum Overdrive (the remake is called “Trucks” as was the original story), A remake and SEVEN needless sequels to Children of the Corn, Sequels to Firestarter, Creepshow (two on the books a third on the way), Pet Sematary, The Mangler (two sequels), and a sequel and two remakes for Carrie!

Look…if you gotta remake Carrie again, do us all a favor and remake 1952′s Carrie…It is also based on a novel, and like King’s Carrie, the first film had big stars!

Chace Ambrose

Chace Ambrose

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  • Jannik Hansen

    I want to se The Long Walk. I understand that Darabont actually aquired the right to make it at some point, so what’ the frigging holdup?