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Rape Your Dad to New ‘Father’s Day’ Music Video

June 21, 2011

More “Father’s Day” teasings are spewing from Troma and Astron-6 to wet our appetites! Mission accomplished! There is no concrete release date just yet, but from everything we’ve seen and all that Astron-6 member, Adam Brooks has shared with us, this looks to be the best film to come out of Troma in years!

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Official Trailer for ‘Father’s Day’ Feature-length Released!

May 27, 2011

After so much waiting, we finally get a real glimpse at what the “Father’s Day” feature-length will actually look like. We were promised something “bigger” and different from the insanely disturbing original 4-minute spec trailer, and Astron-6 has delivered! Check out this ridiculous, amazing shit below!

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The Complete, Original UNCUT ‘Father’s Day’ Trailer

May 23, 2011
Father's Day

If you keep up with the important news in the world, you will remember this trailer floating around the interwebs and film festivals last year. It is so gruesome that it was booted off of nearly every video site around. But the guys at Astron-6 were cool enough to let us host it. Needless to [...]

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Notes from the Set: ‘Father’s Day’ Blog #5

May 3, 2011
Adam on fire

Adam Brooks is back with perhaps the most insightful update from the set of Troma and Astron-6′s “Father’s Day” yet! The poster was done by The Dude, and we at Astron-6 are all VERY happy with it. He did an amazing job. The story behind Father’s Day hasn’t been well publicized, but here it is [...]

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New ‘Father’s Day’ Poster Online!!!

May 3, 2011
Father's Day

Move over, “Hobo With A Shotgun”! Just got this image in the ol’ inbox. Get a look at the amazing new poster art for the Troma and Astron 6 co-production of “Father’s Day”!

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Notes from the Set: ‘Father’s Day’ Blog #4

March 4, 2011
"Father's Day"

Here is the latest update from Adam Brooks, director and star of “Father’s Day”: I’ve been editing, and talking to poster artists and musicians. Musicians are like actors – they’re everywhere but so few of them are actually good. As for poster artists, i can’t make any official announcement yet, but I’m confident “Father’s Day” [...]

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NEW ‘Father’s Day’ Teaser!!

January 31, 2011

And the anticipation continues to build for what promises to be one of the sickest films this year. The talented folks at Astron-6 just uploaded a brilliant new “Father’s Day” Teaser to Youtube. Check it out: If you are hungry for more “Father’s Day” goodness, check out director Adam Brooks’ production blog!!!

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Notes from the Set: ‘Father’s Day’ Blog #3

January 5, 2011
"Father's Day"

Check out the latest amazing update from “Father’s Day” director, Adam Brooks: We just finished another hard stretch of shooting which included a lot of practical fx and a lot of greenscreen stuff and we all agree greenscreen work is soul draining. Lloyd Kaufman flew up to Winnipeg to film a cameo in the film.  [...]

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Notes from the Set: ‘Father’s Day’ Blog #2

November 8, 2010
Adam harasses John Waters

Check out the latest update from the set of “Father’s Day” from filmmaker, Adam Brooks: Production is on pause while our single camera is repaired (dead pixel).  I also broke our mini jib and one of our two lenses.  I have no good excuse.  I wish we owned a RED. As of Friday, Father’s Day [...]

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Notes from the Set: ‘Father’s Day’ Blog #1

October 25, 2010

As we eagerly anticipate the twisted new Troma and Astron-6 co-production of “Father’s Day”, filmmaker Adam Brooks will be chronicling the project’s progression for us in his own words: Astron-6ers Matt Kennedy and Jeremy Gillespie were in Winnipeg for a week, so we took the opportunity to shoot as much as possible. I just returned [...]

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