Only Cult Cinema’s Elite Shall Pass!

This Premium Content is exclusively reserved for members of The Cutter’s Guild.


For $2 a month, members get an all access pass to Exclusive, original cult video programming that you can’t see anywhere else. Like “FLESH: Tales of Sexual Horror”, an anthology series featuring NEW, original shorts from indie cult cinema staples like Ryan Nicholson (“Gutterballs”), Trent Haaga (“Deadgirl”), Drew Bolduc (“The Taint”) and more.


You will also treated to a Guild-exclusive, private monthly “Guild Centerfold”. Beautifully shot in a “fashion forward” / European style, these are not just spank bank images. These high quality, artistic nudes are designed to pay homage to the entertainment phenomenon that is Cult Cinema.


Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our bi-monthly contests, featuring super rare prizes like hard-to-find VHS releases, signed posters, and more. The Guild has no patience for lame prizes!

At $2 a month (or $20 for a year),The Cutter’s Guild is the best value for consistent, high quality online Cult Entertainment. Every month, you get the boobs, the blood, the exclusive members-only newsletter, exclusive shows you can’t watch anywhere else, rare prizes, and you get to pat yourself on the back for help making everything here at possible.

Enter the Guild… IF YOU DARE!

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